Keeping our lives in the proper balance between work, rest, exercise, time alone, time with loved ones,
and sleep can be challenging with the various demands placed upon us. You can significantly improve
your life’s balance by learning when to say no, setting boundaries, and taking care of your health. Don’t
let hustle culture keep you from genuinely enjoying and fully participating in your life.
1. Learn to say “no.”
It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of something and want to say yes to everything, but you also
need to be comfortable with saying no. Turn down the invites that don’t excite you. Don’t spread
yourself thin at work trying to take on multiple extra projects to prove to your boss that you are
committed to your company. Explain to your friends and family when you’re tired, and take a rain check
when necessary. Saying “no” to the things in life that don’t serve you allows you to make time for and
enjoy the things you say “yes” to doing.
2. Set boundaries
Sometimes, it’s not enough to say “no.” You need to set and enforce boundaries. Boundaries are a way
to ensure you have time for the things that matter to you, such as alone time, time with family, and
sleep. Any aspects of life that are not a priority should have boundaries, such as not answering work
emails after a particular time or dedicating specific days to different areas of your life. It’s not enough to
set a boundary. You need to enforce them. Ensure everyone involved knows the boundary, and don’t be
afraid to reiterate it until it’s respected.
3. Take care of your physical and mental health
Putting yourself first is one of the best ways to keep balance. You know your body and mind better than
everyone. You know what you need to allow yourself to feel physically and mentally stimulated. When
deciding between two activities, choose the one that will contribute to your well-being, such as sleep,
physical movement, mental stimulation, eating, and visiting your doctor.
Working with Mocek Spine
If you’re having difficulty enjoying your life because of moderate or severe spine-related pain, the team
at Mocek Spine Clinic can help. Our purpose is to provide compassionate care to allow you to live your
life in the least amount of pain possible. To learn more, you can make an appointment at our clinic or
call us at 501.224.4001.