Benefits of Pain Pump Implant or Spinal Cord Stimulator:

Surgical implant techniques offer unique solutions for controlling and regulating back pain. Using spine pain pumps or spinal cord stimulators, specialists implant small devices that either block the pain or deliver medication directly to the spinal nerves. The effects of such a procedure can be life-changing.

On average, patients undergoing spinal cord stimulation experience a 50 percent, or greater, reduction in pain. When combined with a hand-held device, patients are then able to adjust the controls, optimizing their relief to match their lifestyle. In addition, a spinal implant for pain relief can provide around-the-clock medication.


Other benefits of using implants to control and regulate pain include:

  • Implants are best for patients who are not candidates for traditional spine surgery or have failed to obtain relief from spine surgery
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery is offered as a 30-45 minute outpatient procedure
  • In as little as 4-5 days following spinal cord stimulator surgery, patients return to the office to remove leads
  • Spine pain pump implant patients stay at the office for 2-3 hours to test which medication works best to relieve pain

For more information on the life-changing benefits of a spine implant for pain, such as spine pain pumps spinal cord stimulator surgery, request an appointment with Dr. Mocek today.