God designed the human spine to be not only strong but also flexible to allow motion for our “main frame”. When lifting in a straight line, the spine can withstand extraordinary amounts of weight, as seen in Olympic weightlifters with proper conditioning. Our spine can also withstand thousands of repetitive shocks. For example, we see this in marathon runners when properly conditioned. The spine is also flexible to bend and move in sometimes some very awkward positions, similar to a yoga instructor.

The discs in the spine act like “shock absorbers” between the bones. The facets are joints of the spine that also allow spinal motion from front to back and side-to-side.

Did you know that walking benefits your spine?

Research studies show that people who walk continuously for 20 minutes per day have half the number of back pain episodes in a year. Why is this? Because the spine needs motion to stay healthy and strong! Our spine was designed to stay in motion. We do the opposite when we sit in a car for too long on a drive. What do we do? We stop the car, get out and walk around. Suddenly, our back feels better. Spinal motion is essential for nutrients to flow into the spine and for waste to come out. Make walking a part of your daily routine. These walking benefits will reduce your chances of back pain more than any medication or spine treatment can. So, what are you waiting for? Start walking daily and get back to enjoying life!