If you happen to have daily pain in your tailbone & it will just not ease up, we have a treatment option for you called Coccygeal RF. If you get @ least 80% pain relief from...

American Society Of Interventional Pain Physicians now represents Mocek Spine Clinic.

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The “Selfie Lady” “Q” strikes again & apparently snuck another quick pic with Dana our new APN RN!😮

Do we need to ban her from using the clinic phone or what?

After the Arkansas Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Summit our clinic has made a decision that it is time to transition to E-PRESCRIBING of controlled medications. 
Please be patient with us over the next three months as we make this transition. In theory, it should shorten your visit time since there will be no more waiting on a printed paper prescription. It should also eliminate the possibility of lost prescriptions!

Our very own wonderful Advanced Practice RN Ms. Sandee Sealy just returned from a top notch medical course taught by The MAYO CLINIC on best & safest practices in prescribing opiods for chronic pain. The meeting was held in Kohler, Wisconsin!

Doctor Mocek just got back from attending the new medical training course taught by The MAYO CLINIC in Rochester, Minnesota on the topic of “Healthy Living Program”. He will now be able to share with his team & his patients what nutrition & activities truly make us healthier & happier. Stay tuned to this page for real evidence based health tips!

The Mocek Spine Clinic is transitioning to the use of ONLY low dose opiates for chronic pain due to new safety data. Our new maximum for the treatment of non-malignant chronic spine pain will lower to 40 Morphine Equivalent Dose per day beginning November 1, 2018!

A great time to clean out your medicine cabinet of old medications, especially old anxiety meds & pain meds!

Date : Saturday October 27, 2018
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Location: just go to DEA TAKEBACK.com or DEA.gov takeback for a location near you.

The Mocek Spine Clinic fully supports this very important national public health initiative!

If you happen to have old prescription pain meds or anxiety meds in your medicine cabinet that you would like to dispose of properly, then your in luck. On Saturday October 27, from 10 am to 2 pm, is National Rx TAKEBACK day...