At the end of his two week rotation in “proper & safe pain management” Dr. Nguyen brought Dr. Mocek a kind & gracious special gift of pineapple cakes from Asia. We learned these wonderfully tasty cakes are a tradition @ the annual harvest moon festivals they celebrate!

Our clinic has lost a few patients this year as we slowly taper the max opiate daily dose to a much safer level of 50 morphine equivalent dose or less. Keep in mind that the Mocek Spine Clinic...

Doctor Mocek traveled to Rockford, Illinois this week on a peer to peer educational visit to learn more about the proper use of HF-10 Neurostimulation therapy for patients from an excellent instructor named Doctor Thomas Dahlberg!

We just got new expanded seating in our waiting room for your comfort & convenience!

At The Mocek Spine Clinic, this year for safety, we are phasing our the use of opiates for pain relief in combination with benzodiazepines for anxiety. New data shows this can be a very risky combination. Therefore, our patients will no longer be allowed to remain on this combo. We are already beginning to prescribe safer alternatives!

More & more of our patients with pain pumps are opting to give up the low dose short acting oral pain meds for breakthrough pain. They are switching to the PTM bolus device on the pump that can be activated. Patients are reporting back to us that the PTM on the pump now often works much better than the current low dose of oral opiates available by mouth.

There is a clear link now proven between movement of our spines that results in marked increased nutrition & stimulation of our brains! This is why even regular water therapy is a very important exercise for our bodies. People who exercise regularly have a much lower chance of one day having Alzheimer’s!

Chris Mocek, MD

A true life of determination & discipline; with restoration back to a sport she loves!

At The Mocek Spine Clinic, our last scheduled opiod dosage drop for safety will be on September 1, 2018. By this fall, all of our patients, (except those with end of life care), will be @ a max of 50 MORPHINE EQUIVALENT DOSE (MME) or less.